Yes they are. I wanted to make something special and unique, just as every pet is. My British Shorthair cats are my inspiration for the small production I have, specially working with handmade cat collars.
All my cat collars features breakaway buckle for your cats safety. If your cat get caught on something, made to open with small pressure. Therefore not to be used with a leash
I use many different materials. Crocheted collars in 100 % strong cotton yarn or 100 % nylon thread. Velvet for my sewn collars. For durable quality collars are backed with nylon or grosgrain ribbon on back side, keeping a soft and light weight comfortable quality as every cat likes it.
Yes I do. Most of my collars are made in medium size, but if you are looking for another size for your cat, larger or maybe for your kitten, or other colour, please contact me. I will do my best to help you to have just the collar you and your cat will be happy with. I also make collars for small dogs.
Yes, we have worldwide shipping from Norway in Europe. Delivery time within Europe are calculated to 4 - 7 days and outside Europe 6 - 10 days.